Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your pricing like? 

This depends on the type of event and package you choose. For more information, please feel free to contact us directly for specific details or fill out our client questionnaire!

2. Do you get both coordinators throughout the planning process?

This will depend on your package. However, all packages do include the full attention of both coordinators on the day of your event.

3. What does the planning process look like?

We base the planning process off several key details: your event, your package of choice, and the amount of time we have between our date of hire and the day of your event.

4. What is your working style?

We love this question! This is why all of our packages allow an “initial meeting” to provide an opportunity to get to know you and the vision you have created for your special occasion. We pledge professionalism and courtesy, but to us, you aren’t just our “client(s).” As we build your unique event, we also hope to build a relationship that lasts a lifetime as friends.