On The Fifth Day of Planning

On The Fifth Day of Planning

On the fifth day of planning, my planners found for me…

It’s day five of our “12 Days of Planning”, and we are here to discuss all things rentals! Whether it’s a graduation party, wedding, seminar (the list goes on), the items you rent can add character and pizazz into any event! Having said that, we at Queen City Planners have concocted the ultimate list of items that you might consider renting for your next event. But before we plummet into that, let’s discuss some factors you may want to think about when choosing the best-fit rental items for you.

  1. Your Venue: Depending on the location of your event, your venue may have a décor or rental closet for you to peruse through. If so, we suggest browsing their selection before determining any additional items to rent.
  2. Style: Determining the event style or theme that you are going for can aid in finding the perfect rental items for you. Wanting more of a rustic vibe? Barrels, mason jars, and basically all things wood material are probably your best bet!
  3. Indoor/Outdoor Setting: Deciding on an indoor or outdoor venue space for your event will sometimes tell you whether or not you will need additional shelter. If hosting outdoors, does your venue have an inclement weather plan? If not, renting a tent or canopy might be a good idea.
  4. Type of Event: The type of event you plan to host can speak volumes about the items you rent. Maybe you are looking to rent some speakers for a fundraiser. Perhaps a dance floor for a wedding. But more than likely, you probably won’t be renting a bouncy castle for a business conference. Or, maybe you will.

With all things considered, let’s get to the fun part! While there is an endless list of rental options to choose from, here are some ideas you may consider for your unique event!

  1. Tables/Chairs/Linens: For most events, tables, chairs, and linens can come in pretty handy. If planning an all-day event with lunch or dinner provided, these are MUST HAVES. However, prior to renting these items, we suggest speaking with your venue to see if they can provide these things for your event.
  2. Tents: As stated above, tents can be life savers for those outdoor venues without inclement weather plans. Not only that, but they are great for hot and sunny days, providing shade for everyone. And believe us, your guests will thank you for it!
  3. Transportation: While it’s sometimes forgotten about, transportation can be an important element to consider for your event. Looking to invite guests from out of town? Renting a vehicle to transport them to and from the venue might just be your saving grace. Thinking of renting an exit car for a wedding? There are plenty of car and limo rental services that would be happy to accommodate your particular event.
  4. Signage: Signage is everything, because it provides instruction to guests on what to do or where to go. Please sign our guest book. Please wait to be seated. Parking This Way à.  These are all examples of signage you may see at different events. We recommend implementing this wherever needed, as it will allow for smoother transition and flow. With that being said, signage is another item to speak to your venue about before renting.
  5. Candles: Looking for centerpiece options? Candles are the perfect choice, as they can provide beauty and ambience to any event. With that being said, it’s important to talk to your venue about candle use, as some prohibit open flame. Nevertheless, there are beautiful flameless candle options out there that can provide the same look you’re going for for your particular occasion.
  6. Outdoor Games: Looking for an activity that guests of all ages can enjoy at your event? Look no further. We think we may have found a solution for you! Whether it’s Outdoor Jenga, Cornhole, or Giant Connect 4, outdoor games can easily liven up any event and bring guests together. With that being said, these outdoor activities are a great option that will leave lasting memories on your event.
  7. Food & Dessert Displays: Here’s a great rental option if you are looking to offer food and dessert at your event. While food displays allow for a more organized set-up, they are also practical in the sense that they grant guests access to grab-and-go, at any time. Whether it’s a cupcake tower, pretzel wall, or cookie stand you are looking for, why not include something like this at your event?
  8. Photo Booth: Looking to create lifelong memories for you and your guests? Photo Booths are a great option to do just that, as they promote togetherness and bring people closer. Not only that, but guests will go home with a keepsake that will likely leave a lasting impression on them.
  9. Mobile Bar: Did you know you could rent a mobile bar for your unique occasion? Well, you can! Mobile bars are unique because they can be hauled just about anywhere! And wherever they appear, they are likely to be greeted with some smiling faces. Alcohol, hot chocolate, coffee, you name it. These guys can likely serve it. If you are looking to draw a crowd, this is a great option to include at ANY event!

With an abundance of rental options to choose from, we are confident that we can help you find the right items for your unique occasion!


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