On The First Day of Planning

On The First Day of Planning

On the first day of planning, my planners found for me…

When it comes to planning your unique event-whether it’s a baby shower, wedding, or corporate gathering-finding the perfect venue should be at the top of your checklist. And, you shouldn’t have to find it alone! As planners, we are here to bring your visions and expectations to life!

 For our “12 Days of Planning,” we will dive into the plethora of possibilities that can be incorporated into any event! We will discuss the various factors to consider when planning your occasion, as well as the importance of hiring a planner to help shed some of that stress off of you. 

To kick off our “12 Days,” let’s talk about the foundation of it all: The Venue. Your venue can be key to making further decisions within the planning process. When hiring a planner to find the perfect spot for your occasion, here are a list of factors to consider:

  1. Maximum Capacity: Even before finding and touring venues you are interested in, it is critical to have an estimate of how many guests will be attending your event. This will allow for your planner to find locations that can easily accommodate your guest count, as well as weed out the venues that cannot. 
  2. Style of Venue: When it comes to finding that perfect location for your event, having a style or theme in mind can vastly help your planners find the ideal fit. With event venues popping up all over the map, we can find just about anything that your heart desires. Looking to host your event in an underground cavern? How about an elegant chateau? Maybe your heart is set on a circus theme? As planners, we want to bring your visions and dreams to life. Let us do that for you!
  3. Event Availability: Having a specific date or month in mind for your event can be crucial to bringing us one step closer to finding your perfect venue! Say you want to host an event in April 2021. As planners, we can compile a list of venues with your specific date availability. 
  4. Rental Fee: When hunting for the ultimate venue location, it’s important to have a rough estimate of how much you would like to spend on everything. Even better, as planners, we can help you manage that budget, as well as assist with prioritizing the most important elements of the event. Upon deciding on a budget, your planners can aid in finding those accommodating locations. Here is where a venue might help influence your decision of whether or not it is a good fit. When touring a venue, we advise our clients to look into the other amenities they have to offer. Does it have parking? Do they offer indoor and outdoor options? Are rentals included? Are there any limitations on the vendors I can use? These are just some questions to ask when wanting to learn more about the venue. Does it meet any of  your needs and expectations? If so, we are another step closer to finding your venue match. 
  5. Vendor Limitations: Lastly, knowing what vendors you can and cannot use on property may help sway your decision in finding the best venue for your event. In some cases, venues may have an established list of vendors, limiting you to only using their required vendors. This might be the ideal option for some, as these lists usually include high quality and trustworthy vendors that the venue has worked with multiple times. In other scenarios, some venues may provide suggestions of preferred vendors, but allow for the use of outside vendors. This is also a great option, as it grants more leeway into finding and using the vendors you envision at your event.

With all of these elements in mind, and with the assistance of your planner, you are bound to find the perfect venue location(s) for your event!


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