“Holey” Matrimony

“Holey” Matrimony

Let’s talk food and dessert: central components to most, if not all, occasions! We see so many of our clients spending countless hours researching, taste-testing, and considering options: Which flavor do I like? What flavors will our guests like? Should we incorporate different flavor options to accommodate our guests? These are all key questions to especially consider while planning the desserts you want to present at your event. Remember: desserts ARE to be eaten, but with the right choice, they can also offer decor and entertainment!

While cake has always been a beloved and conventional option for an events’ sweet centerpiece, there exists a plethora of other dessert options – some of which are often overlooked! If you are someone looking for a unique or bold dessert option that is sure to be a hit, consider a “donut wall” as a crafty alternative. 

Dessert walls are on the rise. Scroll through any social media page and you’re bound to come across the trendy, yet unique, displays of tasty treats. It’s such a creative idea because couples can serve any treat, in any design to boost the theme of their event! You name it, we have seen it: candy, popcorn, cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, pretzels, cotton candy…the list goes on and on!  

While any dessert you choose for your occasion is guaranteed to be a hit, donut walls are truly an auspicious option. Look at the photos to see her creative dessert wall! Hannah and Jacob chose a small, sweetheart bundt cake for the “cake cutting” moment of their reception and also offered a display of various donuts for their guests. The donut wall was a HUGE hit because it offered six different flavors and remained accessible to guests throughout the entire event.  

When contemplating offering a dessert wall (or any alternative treat display) consider the pros: 1. They are an affordable option. In Real Bride, Hannah’s instance, choosing a donut wall cut her overall food cost tremendously (the average US wedding cake costs $450); 2. Dessert walls are accessible and make for easy clean-up; 3. They can offer a tasty variety of flavor; 4. They even make great party favors! Hannah provided to-go bags next to her dessert wall, which allowed guests to take home extra donuts at the end of the reception. Consider the adventitious simplicity and creativity of a dessert wall and don’t let conventional keep you from thinking outside the (to-go) box! 

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