On The Second Day of Planning

On The Second Day of Planning

On the second day of planning, my planners found for me…

For our second day of planning, let’s talk desserts! These decadent treats can be a huge hit at any event, especially for those sweet tooths on your guest list. With that being said, there seems to be an endless amount of options to choose from, and it can sometimes be hard to pick that perfect treat for your occasion.

As planners, we are here to help guide, as well as alleviate some of the stresses that can come with planning any event. So, let’s discuss some of the factors you might consider when hunting for the ultimate dessert:

  1. Alternatives: When looking into sweet treats for your event, it can be important to consider the alternatives. As stated above, there is a growing list of options to choose from. Thinking of serving cake? How about displaying a wall of donuts? Do you prefer tarts and parfaits? There are a multitude of possibilities! And, having an idea of what you want, as well as what might appeal to your guests can help narrow down that list of desserts and vendors for you to choose from. 
  2. Guest Count: Determining a guest count for your event can help answer the question of How much dessert will I need?  Upon retrieving that number, we can begin searching for those vendors who can accommodate this particular need.
  3. Budget: Similar to finding a venue space for your event, it is important to establish a limit of how much you plan to spend on your dessert(s). As your planners, we can assist in helping manage your budget, as well as prioritizing the most important elements of your event. Upon setting that limit, this can aid in finding the best-fit dessert vendor for you!
  4. Food Sensitivity & Dietary Restrictions: Depending on your guest list, there may be some guests with food allergies or dietary restrictions. Determining this prior to picking your food and dessert options can vastly influence your decision of what you choose to serve at your event. Maybe there are guests with a gluten intolerance? Perhaps, there are those who partake in a vegan diet? There may be guests allergic to different types of nuts. Fortunately, more and more pastry chefs and bakers are considering these factors and gradually implementing them into the sweet treats they make. Again, discussing this ahead of time can bring us one step closer to finding your perfect dessert match!
  5. Tastings: Lastly, after considering all of the above factors, it can be important to schedule a dessert tasting. Attending these different tastings and determining what you do and don’t like can be a huge benefactor in who you choose to work with at your event, as well as what treat(s) you decide to go with. 

In the end, whatever you choose, it is likely to be a success!


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